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The Solvang Mall is a place for one to find those "one of a kind" articles and things that are native to the CA area.  It is what we use, enjoy, and do in the area.  We invite you to check out what is here call or email the business.  These are the "mom and pop" people. 

We will be adding the business of Solvang, CA to this site for those who have shopped in the area and have forgotten, found the store closed, or decided you wanted it after you left the area.  Our goal is to give you photo of shop, and how to contact them.  Until then please enjoy what we have for you now.  We are expanding.

Windmills & Wheels - Solvang, CA 100828 Photos

Thunder over Valley, Santa Maria, CA AirShow 100829 Photos

Salute to our Military by KISS USO Tour of a US Marine Base

Judges in CA Information Voting. decorated gourds - unique - sold all over U.S. in specialty shops.


worldclock.  the world clock - interesting information.

Ed's Gardening

Solvang Shopping

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