I sent a note asking if anyone knew the judges that we
were voting on with a yes or no and no one opposing them.
No response.
I have found that if you go to www.courtinfo.ca.gov
Or Call 800-345-8683 voter hotline.
also www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov
Your information guide on page 89 tells you the way it works.
Very informative.  When I asked the question originally
the guide had not appeared in my mailbox.
This is information that we should read as judges have a lot
to do with our well being.  Laws, etc., also remember if they
are appointed in the year that we had a Democratic Gov then
chances of them being Democratic are good.  If Republican then chances
that they are that party line is good.
Not always the case.  Will post this on website www.SolvangMall.com
for the links and information that I have written here. In case you
delete this and want the information. 

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