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Cool Ties

COOL TIES are worn around the neck or forehead. It actually reduces your body temperature by 3 - 4 degrees. Therefore, comfort and performance will improve. It is also highly effective for bringing relief from headaches, minor sunburns, sprains, bites and stings.


  • Stays cool for 24 hours (refrigeration not required)

  • Distribute crystals evenly in TIE - soak the tie in water for 30 - 45 minutes.  Let air dry.  

  • Tie around your neck and stay cooler for 24 hours or more!

  • Rotate tie periodically during use.

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in detergent a few minutes rinse and hang to air dry.


  • Can be used hundreds of times.. just re-soak.  

  • MADE IN U.S.A.

Who would use them?

Anyone who wished to cool ones body temperature.

COOL TIE  is used by auto racers, lawn mowers, yard work, and out door job or fun in the sun or heat time.  Roller blading, gardening, house work on a hot day, sports events, mechanics, UPS drivers, farmers, etc.  (I remember my grandparents on the farm who would tie a scarf around the neck after they had poured water on it to cool them selves off.  I have found another way to do it with my cool tie as it doesn't drip and it keeps the water in the cooling mode longer.)  Just a old fashioned thing that worked that now has come back to us with new technology.  (these crystals from what I understand came to us from the space craft things that were invented for voyages to outer space.)

...  any time you would like to be out of air-conditioning and still keep your cool.

Our  people in the hardware that are in an out of the shop with the gardening supplies, swear they can't work with out them. (Ken, Solvang, CA)

I wore mine while doing security for the "Spirit of America" run for the World Speed Record.  Wore it when I helped with the security for the Thrust II that broke the Sound Barrier at 763 MPH. What a thrill! (ER, Buellton, CA)

Contains nontoxic, organic crystals  that retains water and releases into the air as a wet towel would but, with the amount of water many times greater.

COOL TIES can be used anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Use Cool Tie working, playing or just relaxing.  Take several to the desert for yourself and friends.  Beach wear - beside keeping you cool it allows your neck less chance for sunburn. 

COOL TIE can be dried out and used again and again. 

COOL TIE is available in many fashionable styles and colors. It is one of the most stylish ways to keep you cool. EVERYONE wants a COOL TIE .

COOL TIE as well as keeping you cool is wonderful for headaches or neck aches resulting from stress. 

COOL TIE keeps you cool when working, playing or just relaxing. COOL TIE keeps you comfortable. Simply place in water. Watch it swell then wear it around your neck or forehead for a cool, refreshing surprise. It's that simple.  REUSABLE

Comments from a Racer
Hi Ev,

Yes, I used the cool strip and it worked good, it was also a lot nicer to look at than just an old shop towel. Thanks again, I keep it in my racing bag, it will be great this summer at Willow etc.
GS (Solvang)

COOL TIE comes in a host of colors:

Red, purple, green, denim blue, white, cream, pink,  Kelly green, gray, black, navy, brown, flag design, red or blue bandana print, and green with golf print.

Cost: $7 each or 2 for $13.00 us funds

To order print and snail mail or email information.   Send check. to E J Roth

Ship to: St. City                            State
Bill to: St. City                             State
Color How many: Cost:
Color: How many: Cost:
shipping & handling $1. ea (more will adjust s/h) Total Cost
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E. J. Roth
P.O. Box 278
Buellton, CA 93427-0278

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