Think this is a fun way to get in the gate.  If you don't have one on you don't go through the gates.  Many racing cars are brought for the all day event and displayed for all the racing fans.   This party draws crowds of 600 and is by invitation.  All the states are usually represented.  Jack is of course, one of the first inducted into the Hall of Fame as are many great dry lakes racing men.  Craig Breedlove will be trying for a record again this summer at Black Rock Playa at Gerlock, NV.  (I'm sure others will try at other racing events but, I don't know about those at this time.)

The Gold Coast Racers have helped (they did it) in the security for Craig and Thrust  trying to break the speed of sound on land.  Thrust did break the speed of sound on land.  What a great feeling to see that and be part of it.   All racers I've noticed help each other as much as they can in any way that they can.  Great group of men and women.

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