Museum of Gasoline Pumps (Jack's Place)

Auto Memorabilia


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This is a sampling of the license wall.  A collection of all the states in United States, Alaska, and Hawaii for the year 1932 licenses.  Notice the gas tops above?  They are all over Jack's Place.  He has about 250 mounted for your enjoyment.  Many have a light inside for your viewing pleasure.  No two are alike.  Where did they all go?  Because these were of glass most were broken so this is a very impressive collection.  Years of collecting, trading, and just checking out every source for them.  If you enjoy anything that has to do with the use of the car Jack has a little or a lot of them.

His main focus is on road signs, gasoline pumps, photos, autographs of the Greats in racing with photos, oil cans, anything that was on the bay at the gas stations (remember when no one stole things?), etc.


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