Museum of Gasoline Pumps (Jack's Place)

and  Auto Memorabilia

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Sampling of the signs that Jack has collected over the years and now has them in his private museum.  This is in what is "affectionately" called The Church.   It was originally a building that was used for a church.  It is now used for meetings and housing of many signs, barber chair, church pews, sofas, old record player out of Pea Soup Andersen's, and of course the rest room is covered in all the signs of yesteryear.

It is used for meetings of the Gold Coast Racers Club along with other club events.   Each year the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame  is held here and a few more inducted into it.  Andy Green and Richard Nobel of England are possible canidates for attending this year's 1999 GAS-UP Hall of Fame. (Thrust that broke the speed of sound out at the Black Rock, NV.)